There’s peace along LoC, but Pok reactivating terror camps

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The fragile peace along the Line of Control (LoC) is still holding up as the February ceasefire is being adhered to but signs of terror camps and launch pads being reactivated in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) are emerging, with probing attempts being recorded on the border as well.

While violence has remained low since India and Pakistan decided to implement a ceasefire on the LoC, officials aware of the situation said that probing incidents on the border as well as infiltration attempts were again being observed but without the overt support of Pakistani troops.

“There have been two infiltration attempts (since February) on the LoC and there are also signs that they are trying to reoccupy launch pads, but without any visible support by the Pakistani forces,” sources said. A close watch is being kept by the security forces on the situation unfolding in Afghanistan and the assessment is that in the short run, the evacuation of US troops from the war-torn country may embolden local terror outfits to step up violence but there is little possibility of Taliban fighters operating on the Kashmir border.

There’s Peace Along LoC, But Pok Reactivating Terror Camps

“The ouster of US forces due to Taliban pressure may embolden terrorists here. They may feel more confident in the short term and attempt to carry out more attacks. But we are unlikely to see any Afghan fighters being diverted here for at least the next 4-5 years,” officials aware of developments said.

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