The ghost takes form and shape

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Sangfroid is a French word. The Oxford English Dictionary gives its meaning as ‘the ability to stay calm in difficult circumstances’.

Indians have beaten the French in sangfroid. In no other country would there be such indifference in the wake of millions migrating, on foot, without money or food or medicines or help, to their homes in villages and towns hundreds of kilometres away. In no other country would the sight of ambulances with very sick patients lined up outside hospitals be tolerated as the curse of a developing country.

In no other country would the terrible grief over 4,05,967 deaths (believed to be understated by 4-5 times) due to Covid-19 be kept totally private without spilling over as public anger. In no other country would millions of children from poor families be excluded from online learning without their parents storming the citadels of power. You can add to the list, and marvel at the sangfroid of the Indian people.

Quit sans Responsibility

Finally, the Minister of Labour & Employment has resigned. The Minister of Health has resigned. The Minister of Education has resigned. And more. None of the ministers has resigned owning responsibility. No one has linked the ‘voluntary’ resignations to the oppressive burdens their administration placed on the people during 2020 and 2021.

Therefore, when a French investigating journal, Mediapart, published a report last Saturday, following up on its report of April 2021 on the Rafale Aircarft deal, not a leaf stirred in the hot, dry and windless capital of India.

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