Russia eyes buyers for Ka-226T Climber helicopter

By The Hindu businessline

The Russian helicopter manufacturer has put its new Ka-226T Climber helicopter, intended to be sold to India under the 2015 agreement, on display at MAKS-2021 international air show in Moscow.

The new modification of twin-engine utility helicopter, build at Ulan Ude facility of Russian Helicopters, as a part of an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) signed by Russia and India in 2015, is heading for test flights in the coming months.

The helicopter has a unique name, Climber, because of its ability to operate at altitudes of up to 6,500 meters and its high resistance to strong side winds, high rate of climb, as well as easy take-off and landing at high-altitude sites or in the city.

Grabs attention
According to several high-level officials, the Ka 226T is getting attention from several other international buyers than India. The helicopter will be displayed at the Dubai Airshow later this year.

“The agreement with India has never prevented us from promoting this model in the international market, even though our Indian colleagues had some preferences as a first customer,” Andrey Boginsky, Russian Helicopters’s CEO, told BusinessLine on the sidelines of the MAKS airshow.

He added that Russian Helicopters has fulfilled all their obligations, established a joint venture with HAL (Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited, or IRHL), identified several potential manufacturing partners, and submitted proposal for localisation to the Ministry of Defence.

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