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Pak-Taliban upbeat, but the Afghan battle has just begun

By Hindustan times

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) foreign ministers’ meet in Tajikistan and connectivity conference in neighbouring Uzbekistan past week, it was quite evident that rapidly changing events in Afghanistan had taken top priority in the global diplomatic circuit.

Yet, all the countries including US, Russia, China and neighboring Central Asian republics are in a wait and watch mode even as the deep Pakistani state handling the Taliban are conducting a psychological operation by trying to convince the world that the fundamentalist are unstoppable and it is a matter of time when Kabul falls to them.

While the security advisors from New York to Dushanbe are concerned about the Republic of Afghanistan being turned into Islamic emirate, the Taliban today is projecting an image that it is equally adept at fighting guerilla war as also a powerful negotiator as it has forced the US on the dialogue table to concede on issues critical to their longevity.

The Taliban under ISI spin doctors have succeeded to certain extent in spreading that Pakistan-based Haibatullah Akhundzada, Sirajuddin Haqqani and Mullah Yaqoob have matured with both a military and diplomatic plan as compared to 1996 when the Taliban under Mullah Omar (father of Yaqoob) seized power in Kabul by torture, mayhem and public executions through hanging and stoning.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was established in September 1996 but was ostracised by the global community sans mentor Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates who recognised the Islamic State.

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