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On US airstrikes in aid of Afghan forces, Taliban says violation of signed agreement will have consequences

By India Today

The Taliban has termed the US airstrikes to support Afghan government forces in Kandahar and Helmand provinces as a “violation of the signed agreement that will have consequences”.

In a statement on Saturday, a Taliban spokesperson said, “American occupation forces carried out airstrikes in Kandahar and Helmand provinces of Afghanistan on Thursday night, which has caused casualties to civilians and some Mujahideen. The Islamic Emirate condemns these barbaric attacks in the strongest terms.”

It is a clear violation of signed agreement that will have consequences, the Taliban said, referring to an agreement between the United States and the Taliban clearing the way for the withdrawal of US forces.

“…Ashraf Ghani made an announcement in his commando corps that he has planned major operations in the next six months. The Islamic Emirate also warns that in the next six month period, the responsibility for all military developments will fall on the leaders of Kabul administration,” Taliban’s Zabihullah Mujahid said in the statement and added that they will strongly defend their territories and will “not remain in a defensive posture if the enemy insists upon war”.

The US military launched several airstrikes this week in support of Afghan government forces fighting Taliban insurgents, including in the strategically important province of Kandahar, officials said Thursday.

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