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MARCOS: Formidable special force of the Indian Navy

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The Indian Navy has an assortment of vessels that include aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates. Today we discover the role and task of its Special Forces element, known as MARCOS. These robust and highly skilled Marine Commandos can fight in many dimensions and are internationally recognized to be amongst the best commandos who engage in counter- insurgency operations.

The missions of MARCOS are shrouded almost like a mystery. They are officially named as the Marine Commando Force. Founded in 1987 these naval warriors have expanded their combat competency over the decades. When we look into the history of the Indian military, we are made to understand that a Diving School was set up in Cochin in 1955. This was done with the help of the British Special Boat Service (SBS).

At this early stage the Indian sailors were taught combat diving skills, such as explosives disposal and salvage diving. During the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, the Indian combat divers were sent into action; however they did not meet the anticipated objectives. During this phase the Indian Navy came forward to assist the Indian Army in landing operations.

In 1986 the high command of the Indian Navy realized there was a lacuna for a naval Special Forces team that could engage in a maritime combat environment and counter-terrorism operations. Subsequently three officers from the diving school were selected and did their initial training in USA with the world-renowned US Navy SEALS.

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