‘Keep a bit of Afghanistan in White House’—what India should tell US. For Quad’s sake

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The Indian embassy in Kabul has issued a security advisory for Indian nationals in Afghanistan, terming the security situation “dangerous”. Various terrorist outfits have scaled up violence and carried out attacks on outsiders, including non-locals of Afghan origin. Although the Indian nationals have been strongly advised to avoid non-essential movement and peak hour commuting, it is doubtful if the situation will return to normality any sooner.

There is a high possibility that someday New Delhi may have to evacuate Indians and other willing Asians, and keep only a skeleton staff in the embassy. Soon, every other sensible country will follow suit — airlift its nationals and close down their embassies.

Those who stay back will be at the mercy of gun-wielding Taliban terrorists who would by then have taken over the country. This is what the proposed US withdrawal from Afghanistan by the second week of September will do.

The Afghan policy of the successive US governments seems to be one of the most confused, complicated and aimless one, resulting in making the region volatile and unstable. This lack of direction and flawed objectives brought the absence of ground support, forcing the superpower to depend on Pakistan.

Thus, the US war on terrorism was fought from the very soil that became the epicentre of terrorism.

Not the first retreat
In the background of America’s crushing defeat in the Vietnam War and the US-USSR détente of the seventies, the Soviet Union embarked on a massive rejig of its West Asia policy to contain the radicalisation of Iran,

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