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Kashmir Albatross off Delhi’s neck

By Financial express

A little far-fetched it may sound but the fact is that BJP desperately wants to rule J&K for some pertinent reasons, not difficult to fathom, and it is also not difficult to fathom that its dreams may not come true soon.

Ever since it came to power in Delhi, geo-political pressures and the national security, of which Kashmir imbroglio is a very significant issue, are upper-most concerns of this Government unlike previous Governments in the Centre. Therefore it is trying its utmost best to have its political dominance in Kashmir to re-orientate its map and complexion.

And it did come around the political power temporarily in coalition with PDP, its ideological opponent altogether, but remained suppressed in the power sharing formula thereby unable to pursue its ‘K’ agenda.

Dramatic rise of BJP in Jammu region and consequential rise in J&K was seen as existential threat by the Kashmiri regional parties. Hence an atmosphere of distrust cropped up between Delhi and Kashmir. Even NC and PDP who were coalition partners with BJP at various points in time lost each other’s faith and trust.

Besides that, BJP knew that discriminatory Article 370 and the prevalent separatism were the stumbling blocks in its coming to power. Since its abrogation was in its election manifesto, on 5th August 2019, without consulting regional leaders, abrogated it and demoted the state dauntlessly thereby changing the map and complexion of J&K politics.

Demoting a State which was a largest princely state pre-independence and strategically daunting with a status of as good as an independent state of Kashmiris was a bolt from the blue. It didn’t go down well globally.

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