India & Japan Collaborate To Launch Infra-projects In Far East Russia & Indo-Pacific State

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Strengthening international spheres of engagement, Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla on July 20 indicated that India and Japan were aiming to deepen cooperation in third countries including investments and joint projects in the resource-rich Russian Far East region and Pacific Island countries.

Addressing a forum, he underscored that ‘growing convergence’ between India, Japan on ‘strategic and economic issues’ possess the “potential to shape a multi-polar that is more peaceful, secure and sustainable.”

Notably, India-Japan bilateral relations have elevated ties to Special Strategic and Global Partnership subsequent to an annual summit-level mechanism, that alternates between the two countries as 2+2 Foreign and Defence Ministers dialogue. Both countries share close relations which reflect a shared vision towards the Indo-Pacific region.

Foreign Secretary Shringla said, “Progress in the economic pillar of our ties has been accompanied by an increasing convergence in our strategic outlook towards the region. This is reflected in our shared vision for a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.”

In an address at the India-Japan forum organised by leading public policy forum Ananta Aspen India, he stated that the convergence is not only seen in bilateral exchanges but also amid increasing comfort in working with other like-minded partners through plurilateral forums, involving other partners.”

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Earlier this year, India, US, Australia, Japan conducted a Quad summit that had the first heads of government level meeting while Washington has slated a first in-person meeting for later this year.

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