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IAF’s Sarang Helicopter aerobatics enthrals global audience

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The Sarang Team of the Indian Air Force (IAF) with its aerobatics display continued to captivate audiences from across the world on day four of the MAKS Air show in Moscow. According to the IAF, “the four helicopters mesmerised the audiences with its display and being the only rotary wing display team at the air show, the team has attracted a lot of attention and received compliments from the audiences.”

This is the first time ever that Sarang Team is performing in Moscow at the air show with their made in India ALH `Dhruvs’.

Efforts behind the display

A lot of effort goes behind the scenes to ensure that the machines are well maintained and are in excellent condition for all the flying tasks. The IAF maintenance personnel are responsible for the machines.

With peppy music playing in the background, all the flying manoeuvres are accompanied by a live, running commentary.

Meaning of Sarang & more about aerobatics?

The Sanskrit name for Peacock is ‘Sarang’, the national bird of India.

These peacock themed helicopters perform a variety of manoeuvres, which is further enhanced by the thick smoke trailing the machines and gets a lot of crowd appreciation. These helicopters have been manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and are based at Sulur Air Force Station, near Coimbatore. The Sarang Team was formed in 2003.

Explaining more about the aerobatics, the IAF says, “Owing to the unstable nature of rotary wing, the helicopters are not able to do the same manoeuvres and precise formation which are done by fixed wing aircraft.”

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