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IAF wants anti-drone systems with laser weapons to destroy UAVs

By India Today

The Indian Air Force (IAF) wants 10 anti- drone systems that can be armed with laser directed energy weapon to bring down rogue drones in wake of the attack on the Jammu Air Force station where unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were used to drop bombs.

A day after the attack on June 27, the IAF floated a Request for Information (RFI) for Indian vendors for Counter Unarmed Aircraft System (CUAS).

“The CUAS is intended to detect, track, identify, designate and neutralize hostile UAS. Laser Directed Energy Weapon (Laser-DEW) is essentially required as a kill option,” the RFI says.

The RFI mentions that the systems should be equipped with Global Navigation Satellite Jammer System (GNSS) and Radio Frequency jammers as a soft kill option and Laser based Directed Energy Weapon (Laser-DEW) as a hard kill option to destroy the drones.

“It should provide a multi-sensor, multi-kill solution to enforce effective no fly zones for unmanned aircraft while inflicting minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment.

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