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Explained: Why South Korea’s version of the Iron Dome will be more capable

By Indian Express

South Korea’s defence procurement agency announced that it had approved plans to develop an artillery interception system, similar to Israel’s Iron Dome. This new defence system will be designed and built specifically to thwart attacks by rockets and long-range missiles launched by North Korea.

The South Korean government had announced in June that it would be spending approximately $2.5 billion on research and development of this new system, with a target to deploy it by 2035. North Korea deploys around 1,000 artillery pieces along the Military Demarcation Line that divides the Korean Peninsula.

A Yonhap news report quoted South Korean military officials saying this number includes multiple 240-millimeter rocket launchers, most of which are directly aimed at the South Korean capital Seoul and its larger metropolitan areas, that is home to approximately half the country’s population, according to government estimates.

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