Exclusive | Afghan Envoy to India opens up on US troops withdrawal and close partnership with New Delhi

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Afghanistan stands at a crossroads with the complete withdrawal of the US and the NATO troops on the horizon. The Americans have made their intentions clear to pull out troops from Afghanistan, raising questions of stability in the country by many experts who believe that the withdrawal could directly lead to the gain in the territory on part of the Taliban.

To answer some of these questions we were joined by Afghan envoy to India Farid Mamundzay, who said that concern regarding Taliban ‘overrunning’ Kabul is not based on a realistic assessment of the situation on the ground.

“Saying that Taliban would be in a position to take over Kabul in 6-12 months is not a realistic assessment of the ground reality. The situation in Afghanistan is difficult, it’s challenging, there is a lot of fight in several districts and several provinces, but the heroic patriotism of our security forces and the resilience of our people are there to defend the country. People do not want the return of the Emirates (Taliban),” the Ambassador said.

When asked about the transition phase, and discussions with the US regarding the smooth flow of security as well as socio-economic policies, in the aftermath of the withdrawal, Mamundzay said

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