Eurofighter Typhoon Adds Powerful ‘SPEAR-EW’ System To Its Arsenal As It Challenges Rafales, F-35s For Global Sales

By Eurasian times

The Eurofighter Typhoon will soon be equipped with a new electronic warfare system, SPEAR-EW, capable of neutralizing the “most sophisticated air defenses”.

Multinational defense company MBDA is now working on a new electronic warfare version of the SPEAR weapon system, known as SPEAR-EW. It will use an advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) device as its payload, instead of a warhead and seeker.

According to the company, the SPEAR-EW is a smaller-version EW payload from Leonardo, which is built on the innovative BriteCloud technology. The system would operate as a swarm of cruise missiles capable of neutralizing the “most sophisticated air defenses”.

Using lesser capacity than a traditional warhead, the payload is also expected to have an extra fuel capacity, owing to its extra volume.

Also, the SPEAR EW’s integration is expected to be smooth, as it has been based on the existing SPEAR designs and therefore, has the same power, weight, and center of gravity.

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