Changing Central Asian dynamics: India, Russia advised to explore partnership in resource rich region

By ET News

Central Asian countries are often studied with a focus on the geopolitical contestations but very little focus is on the understanding of the term ‘geopolitics’, the meaning of which has changed over a period of time.

Central Asia is important geopolitically because of its rich mineral and energy resources, making it a common area of contestation for big players in the New Great Game. For India, the importance of Central Asia has been as the bridge between South Asia and Europe linking the regions for trade and economy. Russia and India should seek more common grounds for cooperation on common challenges and through the Shanghai cooperation Organisation.

This was theme at a recent meet on India-Russia-Central Asia Cooperation organised by upcoming Indian think-tank Tillotama Foundation and Gorchakov Foundation from Russia.

The Russian presenters at the meeting raised the concern over how the revenue generated from the export of oil, gases and minerals from the Central Asia is turning into a funding for terrorist organisations. The region remains an asset as far as the geopolitical contention over it is concerned but it does not acquire a similar position of importance in the global market. Central Asia has not been able to globalise. Whether Central Asia could consolidate itself as a single standing subject to affect the dynamics, remains a concern for the future.

Russia and India should find new opportunities to work together and Central Asia is that potential area. The combined efforts can be put into three major sectors namely connectivity, energy and the Eurasian Economic Union.

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