Boost for Indo-US ties: 3 top American military officials likely to visit Delhi

By Times Now

As part of the efforts to ensure that Indo-US ties continue to have momentum, three top American military officials are expected to be in Delhi for discussions with the Indian security establishment in the wake of the Blinken visit.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will be meeting his counterpart S. Jaishankar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and call on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Important strategic issues including China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and terrorism will be discussed.

• Later this year, US Army chief, General James McConneville is likely to be here. Army chief for over two years, he has, before that served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

• Admiral John Acquilino, chief of the Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii is also likely to here. His command extends right upto India and he is at the forefront of the buildup because of the rise of China and the threat it poses to American allies like Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

• Unlike General McConneville and Admiral Acquilino, who are four-star and therefore, the seniormost officers, a three-star general of the US Special Forces is also likely to be here.

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