As the price of aviation turbine fuel soars…

By The Hindu businessline

With the impact of the pandemic going down to some extent, air travel for leisure has increased dramatically. The domestic air passenger traffic rose for the seventh straight week with the average number of daily fliers increasing to 1.66 lakh for the week ending July 17 compared to 1.5 lakh fliers a week before witnessing about 45 per cent of pre-Covid departures so far.

However, domestic airlines might find it hard to capitalise on the rush for air travel as the price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) is going up every week. ATF prices have increased by 40 per cent from January last year, from around ₹50,000 per kilolitre to around ₹70,000 per kilolitre. In July itself, ATF prices for domestic airlines rose 2.44 per cent to ₹69,857 per kilolitre from ₹68,262.35 per kilolitre over a fortnight.

Covid-19 impact

The aviation industry is perhaps the most impacted among all sectors because of the pandemic, with FY21 considered the worst in history.

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