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Amid fighting between Taliban and Afghan troops, Russia to bolster Tajikistan’s military


Afghanistan’s delegation assured Chinese President Xi’s regime on Wednesday that it will not use its soil as a base against another country. The Taliban has been sweeping rural areas and provinces for the past two months as the US troops pull out from the region. President Biden had set August 31 deadline for the final troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Chinese foreign ministry slammed the US saying, “The hasty withdrawal of the United States and NATO troops from Afghanistan actually marks the failure of the US policy.”

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told the Taliban that it is a “pivotal military and political force” in Afghanistan and was expected to play an important role in peaceful reconciliation in Afghanistan.

The talks come as the Taliban captured key districts in Badakhshan and Kandahar provinces amid heavy fighting with Afghan troops.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken who is on a visit to India said that, “An Afghanistan that commits atrocities against its own people would become a pariah state,” referring to the Taliban.

Blinken added that the Biden administration remains engaged in Afghanistan in providing various forms of assistance including security forces.

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