With eyes on China and Pakistan, India wants to acquire 1750 futuristic infantry combat vehicles

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The India Army is going to acquire 1,750 futuristic infantry combat vehicles (FICVs) under the Make in India project. The Army plans to deploy these FICVs in places like Eastern Ladakh and in the desert and amphibious terrain.

This development comes after another RFI was issued for the proposed mega ‘Make in India’ project to induct 1,770 advanced main-battle tanks.

According to a TOI report by Rajat Pandit, the FICVs must possess weapon systems capable of destroying enemy tanks, armoured personnel carriers, low-flying helicopters and other ground-based weapon systems and enemy positions.

The FICVs must be operational for 32 years
The vehicles should also ensure “protected mobility” to their crew and troops deployed in the different terrains, including CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) environment, the RFI states.

It must have an operational life of at least 32 years and should be capable of being transported by tank transporter vehicles of the Army, IAF transport aircraft like C-130J and broad-gauge railway military bogies

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