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Why it is not a good idea to let Kerala ISIS operatives in Afghanistan return to India

By One India

Four women among the 21 persons who left Kerala to join the Islamic State are awaiting a nod from India for their return. The women had travelled to Nangarhar in Afghanistan in 2016-18 and their husbands were killed in different attacks in Afghanistan.

In April, the head of National Directorate of Security in Kabul, Ahmad Zia Saraj told reporters that there are 408 members of the Islamic State from 13 countries lodged in various prisons. This included four Indians, 299 Pakistanis, 16 Chinese and two each from Maldives and Bangladesh.

While the Afghanistan government has begun the process of discussing with the above mentioned countries regarding their deportation, Indian agencies are not keen on having these persons back. For one, they are highly radicalised. Secondly their return could be a planned one in order to incite attacks in India, like was the case in France.

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