What is the reason that Rafale “usurps” the Su-30MKI in the Indian Air Force?

By Defence View

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has officially put into service the Dassault Rafale multi-role fighter aircraft that ordered from France, Rafale determined to play a key role to replace the Su-30mki fighter line.

The Indian Air Force has identified the French-made 4.5-generation fighter as the spearhead of the combat force, which will hold the most important areas of the country to be ready to confront the enemy. The strongest player is China against India.

The IAF’s belief in the Rafale instead of the Su-30MKI is surprising, because before that the Russian-origin fighter was still considered the symbol of the Indian air force.

The fact that the Su-30MKI lost its position in the hands of Rafale comes from its lack of reliability when in recent times there have been quite a few aircraft that have crashed during training, not to mention the number of “grounded” to technical maintenance.

Not only that, but the Su-30MKI also pointed out a number of other disadvantages such as a large radar reflection area, relatively heavy, which takes a lot of time to prepare, especially India is concerned about China. China has a good understanding of Russian weapons and it will be easy to find a way to counter Russian-origin planes of India.

The fact has also proved that in the confrontation with the Pakistani Air Force in early 2019, the Su-30MKI fighters did not show any advantage over the JF-17, leading to an urgent need for a change.

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