The post pandemic evolution of air travel


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted businesses and economies around the world, bringing it to a standstill for over a year. With a significant level of uncertainty looming over the industry, travel, in particular, has been among the worst hit with border closures and movement restrictions as a result of the spread of the virus across two waves.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the global airline industry suffered losses estimated at $370 million in 2020 as the seating capacity fell by over 50 percent. In India, the airline industry, particularly the domestic sector, appeared to be on the path of recovery, with the turn of the year. The growth in the domestic air industry continued unhindered for the next two months, only for the second wave to halve down the air traffic.

As the vaccination drive in the country is set to amplify in the coming months, the travel industry is bracing itself to cater to the pent-up travel demand and we are expecting the sector to bounce back once at least 30 percent of the Indian population is vaccinated.

However, air travel in this new era, post-COVID-19, is set to be redefined by new travel trends majorly revolving around safety and technology. Flexible technology will be key as airports adapt for post-COVID-19 travel.

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