Su-33 is a trash, J-15 is far ahead: Chinese media

By Defence View

Russian aircraft carriers is about to participate in combat operations first time, and many countries have become more singular about the Su 33 fighter aircraft equipped on the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, mainly because the Su 33 has been in production for a long time.

Which meet the needs of modern combat. Military experts of Russia said that the Su 33 far ahead of the Chinese F-15 fighter in tactical performance. The main reason is that the pilots of the modified aircraft have been flying the Su 33 for more than 20 years.

After the ststement from Russia, China start their counter to prove J-15 is far ahead of Su-33. According to Chinese experts, “There are huge design flaws in information equipment. Compared with China’s modern F-15 fighter, the Su 33 is obviously behind, and electronic system of J-15 is better than Su-33”.

Recently, Russia has upgraded the performance of its Su 33 fighter jets, mainly to install a ground attack system for the Su 33, so that the Su 33 has the ability to attack the ground. Although Russia is called the SVP-24 air-to-ground sighting system installed on the Su 33, it is fascinated by the Russian media, but in fact this system is just a simple precision sighting system that can only make the hit rate of unguided bombs.

It’s only about 3/1. As far back as the 90s of last century, it has been installed on some other Russian fighters, and the Western aviation was even earlier, starting to install them in the mid to late 1980s.

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