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Son of Kashmir BJP Leader Gunned Down By Terrorists Says, ‘They’ve Killed Family’s Dreams’

By News18

A boy in his late teens, with a lean frame, was busy consoling a group of women. With one hand he supported the head of one woman and with the other, he wiped her tears. Even though he was aware of the magnitude of the tragedy that had befallen the family, he was trying to be calm.

At the centre of a dimly lit room next to a busy lane lay a lifeless, motionless body covered in a white shroud, the body of a father, a son, a husband and the only breadwinner of the family who, less than eight hours ago, was killed by terrorists in south Kashmir. As soon as four people came to lift the body for a ritualistic bath, this young man, who till now was holding back his tears, couldn’t hold them any longer.

The scene in the household of Kashmir BJP leader and Tral municipal councillor Rakesh Pandita, who was gunned down by three terrorists in Kashmir valley on Thursday evening, were so heart wrenching that it made everybody cry.

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