Russia to introduce new turboshaft engines to Asian market

By Financial express

Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC, a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec) is expanding its portfolio of turboshaft engines for helicopters. “In 2019-2020 the UEC’s share in the global helicopter engine market was between 10 and 12 percent. The corporation now has two such engines in its portfolio of export-oriented products, namely Klimov VK-2500 and Klimov TV7-117V,” according to a UEC representative.

The UEC’s market share in the helicopter engine cluster will increase to 18-20 percent by 2035. “The introduction of new Klimov VK-650V and Klimov VK-1600V engines and the adaptation of all family of Russian helicopter engines to foreign-made platforms in UEC’s traditional markets, namely the countries of South-East Asia will be the main reasons behind the anticipated growth,” said the UEC representative.

The share of helicopter engines in the structure of UEC’s current revenue is between six and nine percent, he noted.

The above-mentioned engines are produced by JSC UEC-Klimov (a subsidiary of UEC). VK-2500 has replaced the Soviet-designed TV3-117 helicopter motors and is intended for Mil Mi-8/17, MI-24/35, and Kamov Ka-52 rotorcraft. Having the power output between 2,000 h.p. and 2,700 h.p. (depending on the mode), VK-2500 entered serial production in 2014.

TV7-117V is primarily intended for the Russian Helicopters’ (a subsidiary of Rostec) newest Mi-38 medium utility rotorcraft; however, it can be modified to both existing and advanced Russian-made (and even Soviet-made) transport and combat helicopters.

TV7-117V also entered serial production – UEC is reported to have a backlog of orders for approximately 250 such engines through 2030.

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