Reorientation of Indian Armed Forces to deploy the Military Theatre Commands

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The 2017 Joint Doctrines document of the Indian Armed Forces sets the National Military Objective which is first to prevent war through strategic and conventional deterrence across the full spectrum, and defend India’s sovereignty and interests.

All the operations by the Armed Forces are meant to defend territorial integrity and safeguard the political objective(s), including assistance towards Internal Security and HADR (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief) within India and beyond. The military Theatre Commands shall be devised to fulfill such objectives, however, each of these goals are highly complex in an ever evolving geo-political scenario.

Presently, the process regarding creation of the Theatre Commands is in progress under the aegis of Dept. of Military Affairs (DMA) by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). The military Theatre Commands shall bring an enormous shift in the warfighting paradigm of the Indian Armed Forces.

These Theatre Commands are not only a transformational philosophy but involve an efficient enactment by more than a million troops. These fighting Commands are planned to be rolled out sequentially (initially with Maritime and Air Defence Commands) but seeing the complexity of the task, there are high chances that each Theatre Command itself is further implemented in a gradual phased manner.

The Theatre Commands are not merely an administrative activity but their success or failure shall be highly dependent on the underlying warfighting technologies, which are still being evolved by the Armed Forces.

The translational of Indian Navy into a Maritime Theatre Command shall firstly require the integration of fundamental Doctrines and Concepts of Operations of IAF and Army, to work out a cohesive operational philosophy for the sea, land and air borne warfighting units operating under a single structure.

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