Pakistan ups ante on US request for use of military bases to monitor Afghan situation

By ET News

Pakistan has upped the ante after the US requested use of its military base to monitor the situation in Afghanistan, and is reportedly seeking an engagement at the leadership level to decide the future contours of bilateral ties, people in the know said.

The American security establishment is said to be looking for bases around Afghanistan from where it can gather intelligence on Afghanistan and execute counterterrorism strikes after the completion of troop withdrawal, according to people familiar with the developments in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.

ET has learnt that Pakistan’s stance could put strain on the counter-terror cooperation agreement it has with the US–a key pillar of US-Pakistan ties. Meanwhile, sources told ET that India is closely following the developments in this region as any move by Pakistan could have a direct bearing on India’s security.

According to a report in Pakistan’s English daily The Dawn, discussions between Pakistan and the US on this issue have taken place over the last few weeks at multiple level

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