Pakistan PM Imran Khan again seeks US intervention on Kashmir

By Hindustan times

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has again sought the intervention of the US to settle the Kashmir issue with India, a move that is unlikely to go down well with New Delhi, which has consistently spurned mediation by any third party.

Khan made the call for the US administration to help resolve the dragging Kashmir issue during an interview with the news programme Axios on HBO. In the past, Khan found a ready taker for his calls for US intervention on Kashmir in former president Donald Trump, but such efforts were always shot down by India.

The Pakistani premier acknowledged he hasn’t spoken to US President Joe Biden since the latter assumed office in January and said he would raise the issue of Kashmir if there was a meeting between the two leaders.

Asked what he would discuss during a meeting with Biden, Khan replied: “The US has a big responsibility, the most powerful nation in the world – almost 1.4 billion people living in the subcontinent, we are held hostage [by] one dispute in Kashmir.

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