Our anti-drone technology can stave off threats: DRDO chief

By Hindustan times

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief G Satheesh Reddy on Tuesday said that the counter-drone technology developed by his organisation could provide the armed forces with the capability to swiftly detect, intercept and destroy small drones that pose a security threat.

He said DRDO’s anti-drone system would give the military both “soft kill” and “hard kill” options to tackle the new and fast-emerging aerial threat. The first refers to jamming the hostile drone, while the second involves a laser-based kill system.

Reddy’s comments came two days after small drones were used to target the Jammu air force station. The June 27 attack was the first-ever offensive use of drones to target an Indian military facility.

DRDO’s counter-drone technology uses a variety of methods to neutralise the danger from such aerial attacks, officials familiar with it said on condition of anonymity.

The officials explained how the system works. The solution consists of a radar system that offers 360-degree coverage with detection of micro drones when they are 4km away, electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensors for detection of micro drones up to 2 km and a radio frequency (RF) detector to detect RF communication up to 3 km

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