Navy MH-60Rs to be superior to US technology

By India Today

The MH-60 Romeo’ for which India and the US signed a $2.6 billion government to government deal on Tuesday is superior in certain aspects to the MH-60Rs operated by the US Navy.

Indian Navy officials told MAIL TODAY that India’s MH-60s will have a total of four weapon stations, double those on the US helicopters, allowing them far more mission flexibility.

The Indian MH-60s will carry French FLASH’ dunking sonar, which was judged by the Indian navy to be supe rior to the US Navy’s HELRAS (Helicopter Long-Range Active Sonar).

The Folding Light Acoustic System for Helicopters’ as it is called, is a low-frequency wideband sonar used by helicopters to detect, locate, track and attack lurking enemy submarines.

The first six MH-60s will be delivered to the Navy a year from now and will, however, be in the US Navy configuration. This is to enable the Navy to begin training its pilots and maintenance crews on the US machine.

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