Nano, micro, small: The different drone types in India & if Jammu-like strike can be averted

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From social media vloggers and crop analysts to wedding photographers and disaster relief personnel — drones have become an inseparable asset across a whole range of spheres.

On Sunday, after the drone attack at the Jammu Air Force station, the unmanned aerial vehicles have come to symbolise a new terror challenge for India.

The threat was further emphasised when, between Sunday night and Monday morning, two drones were spotted over the Ratnuchak-Kaluchak military area. The drones escaped after Army personnel fired at them.

While an investigation is underway into the drone attack at Jammu, defence sources speaking to ThePrint did not rule out the possibility of a regular, non-military drone having been used.

Civilian drones — which are easily available for purchase in India, including Chinese products — come in different sizes and weights.

The Indian government has framed rules to govern the operations of drones — the first of these came in 2018, with an update this year — but experts say any guidelines are unlikely to avoid an attack like Sunday’s. Rogue drones, they say, are hard to rein in.

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