Misunderstanding with India ‘resolved’: Nepal PM K P Oli

By Times Of India

In a change of stance that may have political implications in Nepal, Prime Minister K P Oli declared he had “resolved” his problems with India. “Yes, there were misunderstandings at one time, but now those misunderstandings are gone.

We should not be stuck in past misunderstandings but move forward looking at the future. We have to pursue a positive relationship,” he said in an interview to BBC. He was been quoted in the interview as saying that Nepal and India enjoyed a unique relationship. “Neighbours share both love and problems. Don’t people in Chile or Argentina have a problem?” he was quoted as saying by the local media.

“I would like to make a request to PM Modi. In view of these times and our friendly relations, India should extend full cooperation to Nepal. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got help from India. At this time, Nepal needs vaccinations, for which Nepal is urging both its neighbours and all countries,” Oli was quoted as saying.

“Whoever provides us vaccines, be it India, China, the United States or the UK, it is fine to receive vaccines. It is not necessary to politicise it and we thank both our neighbours very much. On one hand, China has given us 1.8 million vaccines and on the other, India has given 2.1 million vaccines. We have the help of both. We are also getting medical equipment from both. So thank you both,” he added.

In a surprise move, Oli reshuffled his cabinet over the weekend and dropped deputy prime minister Ishwar Pokharel and foreign minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali. He now has three deputy prime ministers

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