Land sought from air force for instant upgradation of Darbhanga airport

By Hindustan times

Airport Authority of India said efforts were on to get 2.43 acres of land from the Indian Air Force to upgrade the existing infrastructure at Darbhanga airport in Bihar in the interim while preparation for a wider expansion of a more permanent nature continues.

The airport currently functions from an interim terminal building on IAF land measuring 2.3 acres. However, a sharp increase in footfall at the airport–made operational on November 8 last year under Centre’s RCS-UDAN project for building regional air connectivity infrastructure– has put pressure on the existing facilities resulting in the need for another 2.43 acre of land adjacent to the current terminal building for the purpose of an immediate expansion.

A passenger’s footfall data showed that a total of 2,139 flyers in as many as 16 flights travelled to and from Darbhanga airport in a day on Friday, June 19, indicating its popularity as a destination on India’s aviation map.

An airport official said on condition of anonymity that a passenger’s shade outside the main airport gate, vehicles access to civil enclave from the main roa

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