India Is Prepared For Biological Warfare: Defence Secretary

By Bharat Shakti

The danger of Biological Warfare is receiving huge attention amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the strengthening perception of Coronavirus being a Chinese bioweapon created in a laboratory in Wuhan. In fact, the conspiracy theory is gaining ground, globally.

Reacting to how India is addressing the concerns, Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar declared, “Of course, we are prepared for Biological Warfare. Some of the things which came out recently to combat, COVID from defence DRDO labs, were a part of preparations for such an eventuality.”

Speaking on cyber threats, Dr Kumar said, “Cyber threats are extremely real and India is facing cyber-attacks on civilian and military infrastructure all the time. This is one area where the government is redefining the security threat perception of the country because putting down the power infrastructure of a city or the financial cyber infrastructure; you can do as much damage as is possible by a bombing. So, we are redefining it”.

Providing details of the initiatives taken in this regard, the Defence Secretary said the government has initiated several steps to secure its cyberspace. ”Within defence, we have recently recognised this and created a defence cyber agency. We have separate cyber infrastructure for armed forces. National Cyber Coordination Centre coordinates the overall cyber security architecture of the country between various agencies”.

He also highlighted the technological limitations in this field which compromises the cyber security infrastructure of the country. “The fundamental cyber security starts from video communication infrastructure and it is true that the communication infrastructure that we use is largely brought from outside. As long as we continue to do this we will remain dependent on someone, therefore the cyber security could be compromised”, Dr Kumar rued.

On the issue of 5G technology, the senior bureaucrat exhorted the Indian industry to achieve a significant amount of capability development to thwart the advantages that the Chinese have with their technological advancements in this arena.

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