How India stacks up against China, Pakistan in terms of nuclear weapons

By DNA India

Today, we will tell you about the nuclear hunger of China and Pakistan. These two countries have become a threat not only to India but to the whole world. Both these countries want to come out at the forefront of the nuclear arms race.

According to the annual report of the Stockholm International Peace Institute, an international organization tracking nuclear weapons, the number of nuclear weapons with Pakistan has increased from 160 to 165 in the last year. Meaning, in one year, Pakistan has developed five new nuclear bombs.

China has also increased the number of nuclear weapons from 320 to 350 in the last year. And on the border, these two countries are a big challenge for India. India lags behind both China and Pakistan in the number of nuclear weapons.

In the last year, India has developed 6 new nuclear weapons, but even now this number has increased from 150 to 156. According to this, Pakistan has 9 more nuclear weapons than India and China has 194 more nuclear weapons than our country. If the nuclear weapons of both countries are added, this number becomes 515. You can say that at present 515 nuclear weapons are lying around India.

The situation in other countries has also been stated in this report. America has reduced the number of nuclear weapons. In 2020, it had 5,800 nuclear weapons, which are now 5,550.

Similarly, Russia has also reduced the number of nuclear weapons to 120. However, Russia still remains the country with the largest number of nuclear weapons in the whole world.

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