Harsh weather conditions force China to rotate 90% troops deployed against India

By India Today

With around 50,000 troops deployed against India for over a year, the Chinese Army has been forced to rotate around 90 per cent of its troops as they don’t seem to be faring well in the extreme weather and bone-chilling cold.

“The Chinese Army has been forced to rotate almost all of their troops, as we have seen that 90 per cent of their force deployed against us has been changed,” top government sources told India Today.

The new troops were brought in from other areas and reserve forces outside the Tibet Autonomous Region, they said. Sources said the Chinese forces were seriously impacted by the cold last year and suffered numerous injuries during the winter season, as evidenced by the Indian side.

India also rotates troops every year, but the percentage of rotated troops remain in the 40-50 per cent range due to the two-year fixed tenure in the mountainous Ladakh region. However, due to its extensive experience in high altitude area operations, the Indian army has performed admirably in deployments in the eastern Ladakh sector opposite China.

The Chinese have returned to the Indian border in large numbers this year as well.

“The Chinese forces have returned to their traditional training areas for an exercise near Eastern Ladakh,” sources said.

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