Galwan Faceoff: One Year on, China Building Great Wall of Lies to Hide Its Setback

By News18

The first Chinese response on the Galwan faceoff refused to accept any Chinese casualty. Then the country said it would not reveal the number of Chinese soldiers who died in the clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galwan valley. The Chinese sham was, “We don’t have any information to add up.”

The next was about rebutting the Indian media claim that over 40 Chinese soldiers died in the clash. The Chinese foreign minister called it fake news. Before it, China’s state-run media Global Times had already claimed that the Chinese casualties were much less than the 20 on the Indian side. It extended the Chinese government propaganda: “The reason why China did not release the casualties number is that China also wants to avoid an escalation. If China releases the number, which is less than 20, the Indian government would again come under pressure.”

In July 2020, a US intelligence assessment asserted that China refused to give proper burial and in-person funeral to its fallen heroes that, according to Indian intercepts, were 43 in number. The US intelligence inputs said China lost 35 soldiers in the Galwan clash.

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