“F-35 pilots must stay away from Su-35 if they don’t want to be shot down”

By Defence View

The controversy about a “battle on paper” between the two lines of American F-35 fighters and Russian-made Su-35 not going to ended soon.

The US magazine National Interest recently posed a situation to simulate a simulated battle between Russian Su-35 fighters and US-made F-35s and made a few interesting recommendations.

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The article notes that Russia’s Su-35 fighter has attracted a lot of attention in the Western military media, Moscow is currently making great efforts to modernize its weapons and military equipment and The Su-35 is a prime example.

“How will four F-35s react to four Su-35s? Most likely it will change course and call the F-22 Raptor and F-15C Eagle,” the author explained because those are fighters designed for air superiority.

Unfortunately, in actual combat conditions, it is not always possible to choose the optimal solution, so it is possible that the F-35 pilot will have to manage on his own instead of relying on his teammates.

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