Ebrahim Raisi as Iran’s new President; implications for India and the world

By ET News

The news of election of Ebrahim Raisi as the new head of government in Iran was not a surprise. Ever since the new constitution was put in place in the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, hardliners have been calling the shots which not only irked its neighbours but also caused discomfort in the relations with the western countries. The Shia dominated country has been on the world’s forefront for last few years over various issues.

Technically speaking, election of Raisi is going to make the policies of Iran more radicalised. Iran is a country where religious leaders take important decisions and President is just a pawn who works under the supreme leader and the 12 member Guardian Council made up of hardliner Islamic clerics and Ulemas.

This council has all the powers to run the country and conduct the elections. As a result, they never allowed any reformist to contest elections in last 25 years. 2009 Presidential elections are a live example which resulted in widespread protests all across Iran. With the election of Ebrahin Raisi, we now have a President who himself is an extreme hardliner governed by a hardliner Guardian Council.

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