Drop the price of Jf-17 or will go for Indian Tejas: Argentina to China

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A few months back a delegation from china was in Argentina to pitch JF-17 Thunder jets for its air force, even China able to seal 12 JF-17 fighters for Argentina’s air force.

But according to recent news published on various Chinese media, just as the order for the Dragon Fighter between China and Argentina was about to be signed and delivered, Argentina suddenly change its mind. Not only they ask China to reduce prices, It even pressured they can go for Indian LCA fighter jets. Seems like Argentina finally realised the disadvantages of JF-17 fighter.

PAF JF-17 fighter

Recently, the large order of 12 JF-17 fighters between China and Argentina has changed. During the discussion, Argentina suddenly express JF-17 is too expensive and proposed that if China does not reduce the price, then Argentina is likely to switch to buying India’s LCA Tejas fighters. In response, China said – $50 million price of the JF-17 fighter is absolutely worthy of its performance.

Since the Anglo-Amara Islands War, Argentina’s military strength has been severely hit, and to make matters worse, Argentina was also subject to an arms embargo from the United Kingdom at that time, and this positioning has continued to this day, which led to the British in Europe.

Allies are reluctant to sell weapons and equipment to Argentina, and even France once refused to sell weapons and equipment to Argentina.

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