DRDO developing exoskeleton for the Indian soldiers posted in high altitudes

By Financial express

With Sino-India border issue likely to be guarded more intensely by both the sides, any support to make the lives of the soldiers safer and conducive shall go a long way in their motivation and operational efficiency.

The exoskeletons are rapidly emerging as part of the modern troops body gadget and Armed Forces may be keenly looking forward to the culmination of this project, far sooner than many others still within the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Lab environment. Despite many years of R&D on the exoskeleton, DRDO has yet to field any operational technology in the field of exoskeleton.

In the case of China, it has recently come out with military-grade exoskeleton suits which are powered and used for carrying ammunition. And, reports indicate that an earlier version of the non-powered exoskeleton suit was also used by the Chinese border defense troops in the later part of 2020 for supporting operations like supply delivery, patrol etc.

How did it help the Chinese?
This has helped the PLA border defense troops in Southwest China’s Region to carry out tasks in high altitude inhuman environments. Work is in progress to supply more types of mission specific exoskeleton suits.

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