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China is ‘pacing challenge’ for US: Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin

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China is a “pacing challenge” for America, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said, asserting that it is “really important” for the US to focus more on creating opportunities to better partner with its allies and partners in the strategically vital Indo-Pacific region.

Austin told members of the Senate Appropriations Committee during a hearing on 2022 Budget Request for the Defense Department on Thursday that China was his “priority focus”.

“China is, in fact, our pacing challenge and it is my priority focus. You’ve seen that through quite frankly our actions. My first overseas trip along with Secretary Blinken was over to the Indo-Pacific region,” he said.

“You saw me stand up a China task force that has helped to focus the efforts of the department on making sure that we are doing the right things to create the capabilities and develop the operational concepts that we need to be successful. You’ve seen that through quite frankly our actions,” he said.

He was responding to questions about the challenges being posed by China to the US national security.

Austin said China taskforce completed its work last week and he issued an internal directive, kicking off wide efforts that will, among other things, help bolster deterrence against Beijing and revitalise network of regional allies and partners and accelerate the development of cutting-edge capabilities and new operational concepts.

“My first trip overseas – was out to the region, the Indo-Pacific region where I met with our allies in Japan and South Korea and further traveled to India to meet with our partner there and just as recent as two nights ago,

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