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China copied world’s most modern submarine of Sweden?

By Defence View

China’s Type 039C submarine has just been revealed through a 14-second video on social media. That is enough to realize that the conning tower has a lot of similarities with the Swedish-made Saab A26 submarine.

A video has just been posted on the Chinese social network Tiktok, showing images of a new class of submarines – most likely Type 039C – made in China.

According to Chinese media, these images were shot on the Yangtze River. Although the clip is only 14 seconds long, it is enough to capture the design appearance of this Type 039C submarine .

Specifically, the submarine has a very unique conning tower design, with many angles running along the conning tower. This part of the conning tower is also quite low in height, compared to the length of the submarine’s hull.

Unfortunately, many details of the Type 039 C submarine were obscured by a nearby tugboat. However, just looking at the conning tower, many military experts have also seen the similarity of the Chinese-designed submarine class, with a type of submarine from Sweden.

Specifically, the design of the conning tower with many angles running along the hull. This design is confirmed by Sweden to help submarines reduce noise when diving.

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