Canada to extend flight suspension to India by another month

By Hindustan times

The Canadian government is expected to extend the suspension of direct flights from India by another month. The announcement in this regard will be made later on Monday by Canadian officials. The decision has been intimated in advance to the Indian government, an official confirmed.

The suspension was originally announced on April 22 and was scheduled to last for 30 days. However, it was extended by another 30 days on May 21 and now another extension will be imposed for 30 days.

The move was originally precipitated by increasing pressure upon the government of Justin Trudeau to act on this matter after several cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus originating in India were reported in Canada. There had also been mounting demands from provincial governments to ban these flights at the earliest because of the risk of transmission of cases into Canada.

While that prohibition came into place amid a record surge in cases in India in April, with the crisis lasting through May, it will remain in place despite a significant decrease in daily cases being reported in India now.

However, the Delta variant of Covid-19 has become widely prevalent, with Canadian health authorities considering it to be 150% more transmissible than the original virus.

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