Bhutanese cadet awarded for performance during training at Indian Military Academy

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A Bhutanese cadet has been awarded a prestigious motivational trophy for excellent and all-round performance during training at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday.

“Junior Under Officer (JUO) Kinley Norbu, a Foreign Gentlemen Cadet (FGC) from the Kingdom of Bhutan…was adjudged to receive the prestigious motivational trophy since he had won the Best in Physical Training, Best in Turnout and the Best in Drill awards among the GCs who have successfully completed their training,” it noted.

Norbu is getting commissioned into the Royal Bhutan Army and is part of 84 FGCs from nine foreign countries who are due to pass out of pre-commission training at the IMA on Saturday, it mentioned.

Every fourth GC at the IMA is from a foreign army. The awards reflect the pride which IMA takes in its assessment and award policy for excelling Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) of passing out course, irrespective of their nationalities. These inspire the GCs to compete and inculcate a spirit of winning, the Defence Ministry noted.

A special award of recognition was also presented to FGC Ehsanullah Saadat, from Afghanistan, on being adjudged the best in service subjects, outdoor exercises and book review, it said.

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