What is South Korea’s ambition from the KF-21, stealth fighter program?

By Defence View

It is not easy for Korea to achieve what it is today. There is not a long history of aviation manufacturing, and the accumulation of experience is relatively weak, but it has created a rather difficult miracle in a short period of time. This project can be traced back to 2001. At that time, the South Korean president proposed that South Korea’s own advanced warfare organization was thought to be possible.

At that time, no one thought it was possible, but South Korea did not joking. In 2015, it signed a research and development contract. Now this concept has been changed. It became a real thing, even if it didn’t fly for the first time, it can still be something that Koreans can be proud of.

At present, the KF-21 is only a prototype. It cannot be said to be the complete state of this fighter. There must be many improvements and improvements, but many details can still be displayed. South Korea has positioned the KF-21 as a 4 ++ or 4.5-generation fighter, but the overall design is completely based on the fifth-generation fighter’s standard, just to reduce some requirements due to technical risks.

For example, the built-in magazine is cancelled and 10 are replaced. Weapons hold a point, but in the future development, it can become a real five-generation machine, and its potential cannot be underestimated.

South Korea will be the fourth country after the US, China, and Russia to build a fifth-generation stealth fighter, the KF-21. So what does the KF-21 mean for South Korea’s ambitions as a major arms exporter?

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