“Pakistan Would Like Afghanistan To Break Relations With India,” Says Ex-Afghan President

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In an explosive revelation, former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai said that Pakistan wants Afghanistan to break relations with India. The ex-president was speaking in an interview with a German publication where he also talked about the increasing Pakistani offensive.

Karzai also explained how Pakistan has intentions of breaking relations between India and Afghanistan and exert strategic influence in the country through the Taliban. The former President added that Afghanistan won’t give up on sovereignty and independence and break off relations with India.

“Pakistan actually would like Afghanistan to break off relations with India. That is impossible. If we give in to this, we would give up our sovereignty and independence. If we want to send our police or our army or our boys and girls to India for training because it is good for our country, we should do so,” added the former president.

He continued that Pakistan wants to ‘exert strategic influence in Afghanistan through the Taliban.’

Afghanistan won’t give in to Pakistan’s threats

While talking about how Afghanistan has reacted to this, Karzai added that dominating Afghanistan did not work for the British, for the Soviets, United States, and ‘Pakistan will not succeed either.’ He further advised Pakistan to be reasonable and begin a civilized relationship between our two neighbours.

Karzai also talked about his tenure and added that he realised Afghans have been used against each other and this is not even their war.

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