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Iran welcomes Saudi Arabia’s change of tone, sees ‘new chapter’

By ET News

Iran on Thursday welcomed a “change of tone” from Saudi Arabia that could clear the way to a new era of cooperation between the rival regional powers. The Islamic republic has been “a pioneer on the path to regional cooperation and welcomes the change of tone from Saudi Arabia”, said foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called Tuesday in a television interview for “a good and special relationship” with Tehran, after sources said the two countries had held secret talks in Baghdad.

Khatibzadeh, in a statement, said that “by adopting constructive stances… the two countries… can enter a new chapter of interaction and cooperation to reach peace, stability and regional development, by overcoming differences”.

The neighbouring countries, locked in a fierce struggle for regional dominance, cut ties in 2016 after Iranian protesters attacked Saudi diplomatic missions following the kingdom’s execution of a revered Shiite cleric.

The Saudi crown prince has previously lashed out at Tehran, accusing it of fuelling regional insecurity.

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