Indian Air Force and Indian Navy continue their COVID relief missions

By Financial express

Three empty cryogenic containers have been airlifted from Jamnagar to Al Maktoum, Dubai, onboard an IL-76 transport aircraft of Indian Air Force (IAF).

These containers have been coordinated by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and are on their way to Dubai to be filled by up with Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) and these will come back to India by sea route.

Why were they airlifted?

These empty containers have been airlifted to reduce the timelines of transportation.


Since April 22, 2021, the heavy lift transport fleet of IAF has been airlifting empty cryogenic oxygen tankers to their filling stations in India. Once these tankers are filled they need to be transported to their destinations not by air but through rail or road. And, for overseas airlift too, the IAF is merely airlifting empty tankers and cylinders from one location and dropping it at its destination. This helps in saving critical time.

Once the tankers are filled international, then the Indian Navy deploys its warships to carry them back to India.

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