In 7 years, Modi govt bogged by 11,424 LoC ceasefire violations

By The Statesman

In a glaring indicator of the growing tensions in India’s immediate neighbourhood, it has now emerged that there were a whopping 11,424 Ceasefire violations (CFVs) on the border under the seven years of the NDA government, compared with just 523 CFVs during the UPA’s 10-year rule.

Year-wise, the border infringements shot up astronomically from just 1 in 2004 to a staggering 4,645 in 2020 – or a rough daily average of 13 – a year after India’s sensational air-strikes in Balakot (Feb. 2019) and the country acquired a sleek fleet of Rafale fighter jets. (July 2020).

As per RTI replies given to Pune-based activist Prafful Sarda, the revelations largely pertain to the CFVs along the India-Pakistan borders (LoC), which has always been a super-sensitive issue with India.

However, the government has categorically refused to divulge details of CFVs on the India-China borders (LAC) including specific details of the Doklam incidents, under RTI Act, 2005, Sec. 8(1) (a), in the replies furnished by Brig. V. K. Bhat, CPIO, Indian Army Headquarters,

“The government ostensibly feels such disclosures could affect India’s sovereignty and integrity, her security, strategic, scientific or economic interests, relation with foreign state, etc,” Sarda told IANS.

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